Some Joyce Andersen Videos from Liberty House Concerts 2017 York, Maine

  This song often takes me on a ride as it did this night. I slip in a Martin Hayes fiddle tune and have fun with my Cry Baby wah, I never know where it's going to take me, but I'm glad this performance got captured.


My dear and long time musical comrade Bruce Derr may be my perfect straight man! In addition to finding all the right notes, this performance was the birth of my inner comedienne. I hope she surfaces again! Thank you, Bruce.("Right Where I Should Be" iTunes/CD) Written by Joyce Andersen & Tom Pirozzoli

A rare performance of "Love Finds a Way" (also on "Right Where I Should Be) iTunes/CD) Written by Joyce Andersen

This version of "Sound of Hearts" is from our 2nd annual 9/11 remembrance/concert featuring Kent Allyn (bass), Rob Kneeland (drums), and Harvey Reid (electric guitar!). The Band of the Willing. (sans Steve Roy) (also on "Love & Thirst" iTunes/CD) Written by Joyce Andersen


"Common Ground" is different each time, with alternate verses and a rocker with The Band of The Willing. I play it solo at rallies and in church. This version was recorded for Voices from the Heart (a 200 woman choir) to learn. I can't wait to hear them sing it!

  I wrote "Filled With Love" in 2003 the weekend before the US invasion of Iraq. It is becoming an oft-requested sing-a-long at rallies, vigils, in church, and here at home at Liberty House in York, Maine with The Band of The Willing at our 2017 concert and remembrance of 9/11. Kent Allyn (bass), Rob Kneeland (drums) and Harvey Reid (lap steel). And the Choir of The Willing! Thank you, good people. Were you there? Let me know! (also on "Love & Thirst" iTunes/CD)
  A gem from the 1920's, "Giving Everything Away" is a favorite with Harvey Reid (my husband) and I, but this is an especially spirited version. (also on "The Girl I Left Behind" CD only)
  I love being my own bass player on this rendition of a classic from the American song book.(also on "SWERVE!" iTunes/CD)
  This is a very loose and spirited version of a band and audience favorite at my 2017 birthday bash. Kent Allyn (keys), Rob Kneeland (drums), Steve Roy (bass), Bruce Derr (pedal steel), Harvey Reid (guitar)
  I learned this when I was in "The Singing Conquerors" back in NYC. This is the Olde York City version down the street from Nubble Light House. One of Harvey's and my favorites to sing together. (also on Harvey Reid's "Blues & Branches iTunes/CD)

I wrote "Church Bells" on our honeymoon and I love playing it with my chosen one.

Harvey is playing his 1999 Chrysalis guitar and I am playing in Esus with a Liberty 43 partial capo (plus standard Liberty 65 capo on fret 5) on my Bourgeois. Liberty House Concerts 7/1/17. (vote for art "Kindling the Fire" CD)

  Recorded 8/4/17 at Liberty House Concert in York Village, Maine. (vote for art "Love & Thirst" iTunes/CD)


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