What fans said about "The Girl I Left Behind".....

we'll have to update this for "Right Where I Should Be" when we get the chance!!!


"Heard some cuts from "The Girl I Left Behind" on KUT radio here in Austin -- I was blown away -- really beautful!!!!" -Austin,TX

"It is fantastic!!!!!!!!! Beautiful job!!!!! It is a stunning showcase for your wonderful fiddle playing, poignant vocals...outstanding originals..." -Katonah, NY (exclamation points were not added)

"A month ago I pulled into my garage at home and could not get out of my car. You see, there was this incredibly captivating song I was listening to on the radio and I just COULD NOT turn it off and get out of the car. Until it was over. Until they said who it was. It was YOU. It was "Ramblin' Man". When you launched into that song on Saturday night, an amazing feeling came over me as I realized that was YOU I had been so captivated by! I didn't even realize that as I came to the concert! (sorry! but NOW I know!)" -Amesbury, MA

"What a truly fine album it is...in every respect... music and poetry seems to just flow out of you. Keep on keeping on. We are listening." -Methuen, MA

"I am so loving your record. Just got around to really playing it. Now I want to hear it about once a day. Way to go!" -New York City, NY

"Joyce, When I received your new cd today, I popped it into my Discman and went on a long winter's walk. What an inspiring walk it was. Your talent for different styles comes across loud and clear. Yet there is a seamless quality thru out the cd that is honest and from the soul. I like the sparse production. Focus is on the beauty of the instruments and voice. No effort is made to cover up or sludge up the tracks with commercial clutter. A compelling work that, in the words of Robin Williams, (ahem) "says 'Yes' to me!". Hope to read more about you." -Uniontown, OH

"The song that first captured me was 'Ramblin' Man.' The story got my attention first. Whether you intended this or not, I vote this as quite the feminist anthem -- some may think that odd, but I think it fits. Your duets with Harvey are simply outstanding; your voices are beautiful together! All of the musicians on this disc compliment each other and the music so nicely. Your selections seem just right on all counts. 'Giving Everything Away' is a hoot and makes me want to scream "Good for her! I like that gal!".Most recently, I've realized that when I'm in my car, road weary, I need to hear "Growling Old Man"...at least twice, often more" -Albany, NY

"I just was blessed to hear part of your rendition of "When you and I were young Maggie." I want to get your CD and study that particular performance. The part of it which I heard when I got in my car was really a treat to both the ears and the spirit. I would say it was about as good as a performance gets! Keep singing for the small handful of folk like me who are in each audience and who really "tune in" and feel the deep meaning of your music." -Washington, DC

"The CD, Joyce, it is amazing. The songs are beautiful, your singing impressive, and the instrumental performances flawless. I am truly blown away, and my standards remain as critical as ever. What most impresses me most are your originals." -Cambrigde, MA

"Just wanted to thank everyone for making this miraculous CD especially Harvey and Joyce. I love it" -Portsmouth, NH

"I've heard a few cuts from "The Girl I Left Behind" on WUMB, and really liked them. Each time, as I listen at work, I kind of get stopped in my tracks, and lean close to the radio to hear who it is. Despite my very old, crappy radio, your hauntingly compelling voice really impressed me." Boston, MA

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