Hank & Dixie and the Knotty Pine Boys

This band may be the best kept secret in the seacoast! They don't have any CDs and just showed up on YouTube , but in case you hadn't noticed....

Hank & Dixie Baxter are the old-time country alter-egos of Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen. The couple's love for classic country music found an outlet when they got together with the Knotty Pine Boys, a collection of all-star seacoast side-men. Harvey was raised in the south and cut his teeth on the golden oldies of country music and Joyce's first fiddlin' gig was with Boston's late country legend John Lincoln Wright and the Sour Mash Boys which then led her to a year playing country music out of Nashville TN, riding a tour bus and wearing a cowboy hat. When they get together for a rare Knotty Pine Boys show their love for the music is infectious.

They don their western clothing and play hits from the golden era of country music. Songs from Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Dolly Parton and the like. With their sweet vocal harmonies backed by soaring pedal steel, spare drums, bass, and rockin' fiddle, it's always refreshing to step back in time and spend an evening with this band.

If you don't know Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen's music you can ramble around their websites (Joyscream Music & Woodpecker Multimedia) or find them out there on iTunes and the like. They are life long musicians with deeps roots in a wide range of American music. Between the two of them they've made over 30 albums ranging from folk & blues to country & Americana and jazz & bluegrass. They have traveled the country and the world playing their original takes on American music as well as their own songs.

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5 Fernald Ave. York ME 03909
phone (207) 363-1886