Molina Ericksen

On the day that I first saw him down in the tavern
I heard his laughter but I felt his pain
He was surrounded by four young ladies
But I was sure someday he'd know my name

And it didn't take long for your blue eyes to find me
And gentle as a song I felt you right beside me
But I felt their unkind gazes and the look upon your face was
A look I'd seen on taken men before

I went home heavy hearted, from my love too soon parted
So sure I'd find you married in the spring
But when the snow had melted I saw your face and I felt it
You hadn't married and your heart was free

Two hearts ringing with the sweetest song they'd ever known
Wishing they could turn back time still knowing what they know
We were hours walking, side by side together talking
Before I even told to you my name

My name is Moline Ericksen but can't you see
If you'd like to change my name forever yours I'll be
You took the nearest vine in hand, made for us two wedding bands
Which by the summer's end had turned to gold

My name was Moline Ericksen when I was single
Now I take my true love's name and where he goes I follow
No more heavy hearted, from my love I'm rarely parted
And if you find your true love, do the same.


©2003 Joyce Andersen, Joyscream Music, ASCAP


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