Love Finds A Way

Are we strangers?
Have I known you once before?
There were no roads to choose from
But the road that led me to your your door

One small conversation
Amid the noise of one hundred nations
Where a flower blooms on a pile of rubble
We talked so sweetly
Beneath the clatter, and the hub-bub, and the toil and trouble
The toil and the trouble

Love finds a way. Love finds a way.

Naive and wise
Full of truth, full of lies
Your eyes eyes
I don't see your flaws
And in your eyes i"m an angel
Perhaps I know you better now, better now
Than anybody ever will

Love finds a way. Love finds a way.

My love has come, the time has gone
I've known you well, though I may not know you long
You're a rhyme, but he's the song
I'm going home, I'm going home, I'm going home

Love finds a way. Love finds a way.


©2003 Joyce Andersen, Joyscream Music, ASCAP


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